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Clinical products

The equipment of Mediso AnyScan® Family deliver the current and future promise of nuclear medicine by maximizing molecular information in combination with precise anatomical detail.

AnyScan® Family

The AnyScan® Family is the most flexible system in the Mediso hybrid clinical NM portfolio. AnyScan® Family can easily be upgraded, starting with a standard Whole Body SPECT system, adding the diagnostic CT and high quality PET modality based on the clinics' demands and patient throughput. An all-in-one system that suits every NM and multimodality application.

AnyScan® TRIO Family

The AnyScan® TRIO Family is a novel multimodality NM imaging system built on a triple SPECT detector concept. AnyScan® TRIO Family offers an advanced SPECT imaging capability with its PET-like image quality by Multi-PinHole collimation technology. Faster workflow, non-Anger detector logics, better dedicated applications and precise patient positioning are just a few advantages of the TRIO system.

Nucline™ Gamma Camera Family

Nucline™ Gamma Camera TH-22, TH-33, TH-45: The Gold Standard in Thyroid Scintigraphy

Nucline™ TH-cameras offer excellent solution in the planar, small organ NM imaging. The Nucline TH models can easily be adapted to your needs. Highly sensitive detectors as well as high quality electronics provide high performance images in various applications. Starting with acquisition, through evaluation until documentation and archiving patient data, all tasks are performed automatically according to your requirements using full DICOM functionality.

InterView™ Processing Workstation

The InterView™ Processing Workstations serve as a platform for InterView™ software products. InterView FUSION and InterView XP incorporate all necessary functionalities required for Nuclear Medicine and even more. InterView product functionalities are extended by third party software with specialized applications such as MPI processing. InterView products guarantee fast and reliable evaluation for everyday diagnostic and wide variety of tools for research purposes

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