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About Mediso

Since 1990, Mediso is creating new technologies, and molecular imaging systems.

Clinical and pre-clinical solutions for hospitals, clinics and scientific institution

  • 1943

    George Hevesy received Nobel Prize for nuclear tracer theory

  • 1972

    Gamma Works released its first NM imager with digital processing

  • 1990

    Foundation of Mediso

  • 1994

    Introduction of the first Mediso gamma camera

  • 1996

    Release of the first SPECT camera Nucline™ X-Ring-R

  • 1998

    Mediso acquired the NM profile of Gamma Works

  • 2000

    Launch of the Nucline™ SPIRIT DH-V variable angle dual head camera

  • 2002

    Nucline X-ring/4R, 4-head dedicated brain SPECT

  • 2005

    Establishing Mediso Gmbh in Munster, Germany

  • 2006

    Launching the first Mediso preclinical system the nanoSPECT/CT

  • 2007

    Production of the first Mediso clinical SPECT/CT. Mediso takes on NM clinical diagnostic service profile acquiring ScanoMed Ltd.

  • 2008

    Launch of AnyScan® multimodality clinical imaging family

  • 2010

    Launch of nanoScan® PET/CT, world’s first ever sub-mm resolution preclinical PET/CT

  • 2012

    Introduction of the nanoScan® PET/MRI 1T, world’s first ever commercial preclinical PET/MRI

  • 2013

    Establishing Mediso USA in Boston, MA

  • 2014

    MultiScan™ LFER 150, world’s first sub-mm resolution portable PET/CT

  • 2015

    AnyScan® TRIO SPECT, introduction of triple SPECT detector family

  • 2016

    Opening of new HQ in Budapest, Hungary

  • 2016

    Introducing the nanoScan® PET/MRI 3T world’s first superconducting preclinical PET/MRI

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