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Nucline™ Small Field Camera System

Outstanding system for thyroid and more

Above all, the Nucline™ TH-22/33/45 systems offer especially very easy use, best image quality for all standard thyroid exams, and outstanding image quality for exams with Iodine.

With unique ease of use, image processing and reporting the system in an unprecedented way enables up to 100 patient exams in an 8-hours working day – every day and for many years.

Features & Benefits

The favorite thyroid system of all users

  • Very nice-looking – with very easy detector positioning
  • Exams of patients in sitting and lying position with the same collimator
  • Designated collimators with chin mold
  • Easy change of collimators, with collimator storage carts available
  • Simple image reporting with InterView™ XP
  • Automatic uptake calculation
  • Easy calculation of residual syringe activity and paravasate
  • Unprecedented „gold standard“ image quality
  • Outstanding uptime

Wide selection of system size, sensitivity and resolution

Selection of system for FOV:

  • TH-22: 25.5 cm square diameter
  • TH-33: 30.4 cm square diameter
  • TH-45: 35.0 cm square diameter

Selection of crystal thickness for all cameras:

  • ¼” (6.5 mm): 99mTc
  • 3/8” (9.5 mm): Mixed
  • ½” (12.5 mm): 131I

Wide selection of collimators and easy collimator exchange

  • Special LETH and HETH collimators with chin mold for 99mTc and 131I for save patient positioning
  • LEGP, LEHR and HEGP for general applications
  • Pinhole collimator for precise detection of cold nodules
  • Collimator exchange in 1-2-3 and 3-2-1

Theranostic imaging with 131I

  • Minimum crosstalk of the HETH and HEGP collimators
  • Best-in-class image quality reached with dedicated collimators

Outstanding NEMA specifications

Best image quality and spatial resolution

  • Optimal resolution (intrinsic 2,7 mm in the CFOV for the standard crystal)
  • Optimal sensitivity
  • Outstanding uniformity
  • Outstanding filters for image display

“Plug and Play”: Easy 1-day-installation

  • Compact design, easy to fit into every NM laboratory
  • 230 V standard plug
  • Place, calibrate: Start!

Intuitive acquisition and reporting system

  • Simple, modern and intuitive user surface
  • Automatic thyroid ROIs and display of quantitative results (uptake of left and right lobe, and total)
  • Smoothing linear and Gaussian, and operations like automatic background subtraction, smoothing of edges, multiplication, filter and much more
  • Calculation of residual syringe activity and paravasate
  • Parallel workflow for acquisition and analysis
  • Customizable protocols according to your wishes
  • Customizable reports according to your wishes



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