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Animal Handling

Integrated vital function monitoring is included in the base system which consist of respiratory, cardiac and temperature feedback during preparation and acquisition.

Continuous digital temperature control:

by closed circuit airflow integrated into the wall of the chamber – avoiding the side effect of the open airflow (dehydration of the eyes, contamination by pathogens etc.)

Embedded anesthetic gas connection:

for any isoflurane system through dockable connection to the mouse/rat nose cone via closed circuit tubes integrated into the wall of the chamber.

Integrated head positioning: 
for precise and reproducible animal positioning 4D/5D imaging accessories: dockable connections for ECG and respiratory gating.

Pathogen-free construction:

for immuno-compromised animals.

One-click connection imaging cells:

for easy and fast connection of mouse/rat imaging cells to any of the nanoScan® scanners or to the dual bed docking station

Automatic bed identification:

Click the imaging chamber to the system and it will be recognized automatically.

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