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AnyScan® SC

All-around daily routine SPECT/CT solution for hybrid and standard Nuclear Medicine imaging

AnyScan® SC camera is your perfect choice as a versatile imaging system in our clinical portfolio. It can be your daily workhorse with the addition of special configurations to your routine studies thanks to its all-around approach. The system becomes a perfect Nuclear Medicine multimodality device with the supplementary diagnostic CT system. From Whole Body scans, through all hybrid SPECT/CT examinations, to therapy planning, AnyScan® SC system covers all routine NM hybrid applications.

Features & Benefits

Perform All Routine Applications

  • All planar, whole body & SPECT examinations can be performed
  • Static & dynamic studies
  • Gated planar, gated SPECT studies with built-in and dedicated procedures
  • Complete collection of organ specific protocols (Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology etc.)

Low-dose CT subsystem with submillimeter resolution

The AnyScan® platform is equipped with 16-slice diagnostic CT which is a perfect match for multimodality NM utilization.

  • High resolution image quality with submillimeter resolution
  • 0.5 sec scan speed
  • 5-level dose modulation for best compromise between patient dose and image quality
  • Lowest possible dose imposed to patient complying with ALARA standard
  • Metal Artefact Reduction

Quantitative results

Mediso developed Tera-Tomo™ engine ensures quantitative results with precise SUV values. With the help of CT image attenuation correction and with the specially applied iterative reconstruction Mediso has a built-in solution for best image quality and quantitative results.

  • Monte Carlo based iterative SPECT reconstruction
  • Tera-Tomo™ engine is an in-house development of iterative algorithm (White Paper available)
  • SUV calculation for not only 99mTc, but for other isotopes as 131I, 123I, 177Lu etc.

Ergonomic design - Patient comfort

  • AnyScan system is designed for prominent patient comfort
  • Patient table with wide scanning range, adjustable table height
  • All kinds of accessories to help the patient positioning and improve the comfort
  • Open air design of SPECT and CT gantry integration that helps children, claustrophobic or anxious patients to tolerate the examination process
  • NM-GO function: a foot switch was added to support smooth workflow, e.g. simultaneous administration of radiotracer and acquisition start
  • NM localizer: This function combines the patient positioning procedure with whole body planar acquisition to generate data for acquisition planning as an alternative to CT localizer

Continuous rotation for fast SPECT scanning

For a long time "Step and Shoot" image acquisition technique has been used in Nuclear Medicine practice. However, since the introduction of continuous scanning without any data loss, faster imaging speed become possible. Smooth technique to simply reduce acquisition time.

  • 30% faster acquisition compared to "Step and Shoot" mode
  • Selectable in Nucline™ acquisition software

LEHR-HS collimator

Highest sensitivity rate within the high resolution collimators on the clinical NM market.

  • User can achieve same image quality at a faster scanning rate
  • Same resolution but higher sensitivity compared to standard LEHR



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