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All-in-one, single room installed SPECT/CT & PET/CT system for any NM procedure

This unique triple modality system can be the perfect choice for your clinic. Combining the flexible SPECT , the diagnostic CT, and LYSO crystal-based PET modality can suit all needs of today's Molecular Imaging.
There is no switching time between the NM modalities therefore the clinicians can freely decide on the preferred hybrid imaging technique. Whether it is a divided SPECT/CT and PET/CT day, or half-week SPECT-only, SPECT/CT and half-week PET/CT schedule, is up to local preference, patient and examination types.

Features & Benefits

All NM modalities in one system

  • Dedicated for NM department
  • SPECT/CT and PET/CT investigation using one common diagnostic CT modality
  • No switching time
  • Ideal for small clinics or hospitals with one multimodality imaging room

PET subsystem with Time of Flight PMTs

  • LYSO crystal based PET to extend to possibilities of your hybrid NM system
  • For all standard Oncology application
  • Unique solution integrated to your SPECT-CT imaging system

Multimodality Processing Software

Our InterView™ FUSION software is a complete processing and evaluation tool for all emerging modalities.

  • Dual / triple / or even quad fusion display of multimodality studies (SPECT-CT-PET-MRI)
  • Automatic or manual registration of images
  • Extended measurement functionality
  • Special ROI/VOI functions
  • Predefined viewers of volume, tiled or unified viewer, VR, MIP, MPR, TAC and further possibilities

Low dose CT subsystem with submillimeter resolution

AnyScan® platform is equipped with 16-slice diagnostic CT which is a perfect match for multimodality NM utilization.

  • High resolution image quality with submillimeter resolution
  • 0.5 sec scan speed
  • 5-level dose modulation for best compromise between patient dose and image quality
  • Lowest possible dose imposed to patient complying with ALARA standard
  • Metal Artefact Reduction

List Mode Acquisition

At research sites, it is frequently required to further optimize scans with different acquisition settings. With the help of List Mode, most SPECT scanning parameters can be altered even after an acquisition was finished.



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