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nanoScan® SPECT/CT


Versatile SPECT/CT with absolute quantification and full stationary dynamic imaging

The nanoScan® SPECT system images radiotracers with absolute quantification, high sensitivity and high spatial resolution down to 0.3 mm in vivo.

Wide range of patented multi-pinhole collimators available with optimized performance for any applications: from whole-body to focused scanning; imaging of mice, multiple mice, large rats and rabbits; from low energy tracers to theranostic isotopes. Best homogeneity on the market is achieved by helical scanning, while fastest 3D dynamic acquisitions are carried out in full stationary mode without gantry or table motion.

The SPECT system is also available in triple-modality combination with our high-end PET systems (see nanoScan SPECT/CT/PET).

Features & Benefits

High sensitivity and high resolution simultaneously

  • Proprietary and patented multi-pinhole collimator technology offering excellent spatial resolution, high sensitivity and large field of view at the same time
  • Cutting-edge sensitivity even for high-energy isotopes ensured by 9.5 mm thick sodium iodide (NaI:Tl) crystals with large area and minimal detector gaps
  • Exclusive imaging performance with ultra-low activity

Absolute quantitative SPECT imaging

  • Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT reconstruction: iterative SPECT reconstruction engine based on real-time Monte Carlo simulation
  • Full range of advanced corrections
  • CT- or MRI-based attenuation and scatter correction
  • Excellent homogeneity by helical scanning for comparison of regional uptakes
  • Time-Activity Curve (TAC) generation and calculation of Standardized Uptake Values (SUV)

Fast dynamic SPECT with Full Stationary imaging

  • PET-like dynamic imaging capability with list mode data storage
  • Completely motionless acquisition providing time-continuous data from the whole cross-section of the animal
  • 3D quantitative dynamic imaging with 1-3 second time frames
  • Time-Activity Curve generation from 3D quantitative results.

Largest Field of View for large or multiple animal imaging

  • Large detector field of view:
    27 cm x 27 cm (10.6” x 10.6”)
  • Wide gantry opening: up to 27 cm
  • Various animal models from tiny mouse to large rabbits (6.5 kg / 14.3 lb)
  • Multiple mouse imaging chamber with physiological monitoring feature for all animals
  • Wide range of collimation techniques and collimators: Single-Pinhole, Multi-Pinhole and Parallel-hole.

Imaging of Multiple and Theranostic isotopes

  • Dedicated multi-pinhole collimators for high-energy imaging
  • List-mode data acquisition for simultaneous imaging of multiple isotopes, even for simultaneous scanning of PET and SPECT tracers
  • 9.5 mm thick NaI:Tl crystals ensuring high sensitivity for high-energy gamma photons
  • Imaging of theranostic isotopes like 131I, 213Bi, 225Ac and more

High power CT with large field of view and high resolution

  • Up to 80 W X-ray power enables high-performance scanning even for large or multiple animals
  • Variable magnification for high-resolution imaging with 10 μm isotropic voxel size
  • Very high throughput: fast scanning with real-time image reconstruction combined with multiple animal imaging capability
  • Iterative image reconstruction for low-noise and low-dose imaging
  • Ultra-low-dose protocol for follow-up studies with only 1 mSv whole-body dose to the animal
  • Imaging with cardiac and respiratory gating




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