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MultiScan™ LFER150 PET/CT

The ultimate tool for PET imaging in primates and medium sized animals

The MultiScan™ Large Field of view Extreme Resolution PET/CT system is offering molecular imaging with high spatial resolution and high quantitative accuracy in a gantry that supports all possible non-human primate (NHP) studies.

Fine crystal needles and advanced detector modelling of the Tera-Tomo™ 3D PET reconstruction enable to resolve 1 mm structures. Our highly refined detector technology and dead time estimation maintain 97% quantitative accuracy up to 150 MBq (4 mCi) activity level.

Both PET and CT can image the very same region of space, making any patient movement unnecessary in a single field of view study. The freely tilting detector head enables even awake animal imaging with visual stimuli.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional spatial resolution for quantitative analysis of small structures

Precise quantification of tiny objects, like the substantia nigra in the brain or tuberculosis granulomas in the lungs, require high spatial resolution.

  • MultiScan™ LFER 150 PET/CT can achieve better than 1 mm spatial resolution
  • This translates to more than 75% recovery for the 2 mm rod in the NEMA image quality test
  • Using precise detector modelling and attenuation and scatter correction in the Tera-Tomo™ 3D PET reconstruction the system achieves better than 5% homogeneity measured with a 15 cm diameter water filled phantom.

Outstanding quantitative accuracy in both time and activity range

Applications involving short half-life isotopes, like 11C and 15O or long scan times, like cell tracking require good quantitative accuracy over a wide range of radioactivity levels.

  • Due to its powerful read-out electronics and efficient dead-time compensation the MultiScan™ LFER150 PET/CT features a peak noise equivalent count rate (NECR) of 398 kcps @ 149 MBq for rat-like and 64.7 kcps @ 128 MBq for monkey-like phantoms (NEMA)
  • Moreover, it enables better than 3% accuracy for up to 150 MBq in the field of view, independent from the size of the object
  • Low activity imaging is ensured by high sensitivity of over 5%.

Fast CT with high resolution

The high, isotropic spatial resolution of the CT system is very suitable for characterizing and tracking tuberculosis granulomas.

  • The cone-beam CT delivers better than 200 µm isotropic spatial resolution with 50 µm voxel size
  • Full tomographic scans of less than 40 seconds allowing breath-hold CT imaging
  • High resolution lung scans in smaller animals are supported by respiratory gating
  • Noise performance and soft tissue contrast are improved by iterative CT reconstruction.

Proven operation in BSL-3 environment

There are 7 MultiScan™ LFER150 PET/CT running worldwide in laboratories operating under biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) conditions.

These systems perform up to 1000 scans per year and regularly endure sterilization.

Research is focusing on wide range of infectious diseases including vaccine development for COVID-19.

Animal handling

The compact and versatile gantry has two animal support modules:

  • MobilCell animal bed:
    • Up to 60 cm imaging length
    • Fits up to 16 kg (35 lb) rhesus monkeys
    • Compatible with MultiCell imaging chambers for rodent, including heating and physiological monitoring
  • Primate chair:
    • Awake non-human primate studies
    • Freely tilted gantry covers the brain while ensures free visibility for application of visual stimuli, like no system before.




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