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InterView™ XP processing software

Planar, Whole Body & SPECT processing software

InterView™ XP is an organ-specific dedicated planar, whole-body, and SPECT evaluation software. Procedures are implemented in correspondence with the guidelines of the most acknowledged nuclear medicine societies. The evaluation process is guided through standardized evaluation steps, and supported by specialized viewers and automated algorithms. A wide range of function-specific tools enable the measurement, manipulation, enhancement, and analysis of gamma camera images. User-defined procedure variants allow customization of the workflow. InterView™ XP features 2D and 3D iterative reconstruction of SPECT images, including Mediso-developed Tera-TomoTM reconstruction incorporating a full scale of corrections.

Features & Benefits

All-in-one solution for nuclear medicine

  • Vendor-neutral processing software for planar gamma camera, SPECT, and multimodality systems
  • Full DICOM conformance, IHE implementation
  • Seamless integration into any hospital information system
  • Stand-alone, server, or virtualized server variant
  • CE and FDA-approved

Wizard-like workflow

Follows unified processing steps:

  • Study and procedure selection: list studies and procedures side-by-side in procedure browser
  • Role selection: assign image roles with automatic role assignment and integrated real-time image validator tool
  • Custom configuration: set study parameters and required data for processing
  • ROI definition: choose from a wide range of ROI tools for quick and easy definition of regions to be analyzed
  • Show results: visualize measurements on interactive plots and display statistics in tables
  • Create report: export highly customizable reports from any result page

SPECT Reconstruction

  • FBP, ML iteration, OS-EM, MOS-EM reconstruction algorithms combined with customizable pre- and post-filters
  • Chang’s post-reconstruction attenuation correction
  • Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT full-featured 3D iterative reconstruction, incorporating corrections for all the significant deteriorating factors of SPECT imaging
  • CT-based attenuation and scatter correction
  • Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT-Q option for quantitative image reconstruction
  • Parallel reconstruction and reorientation of dual studies
  • Enhance image quality with optional Tera-Tomo™ 2D Image Enhancement and Tera-Tomo™ 3D Bone Enhancement modules.

Image processing tools

  • Fast 2D and 3D filters in both spatial and frequency domain
  • Fine tune filters with the filter editor tool
  • Removal of disturbing high-activity areas with the clear area option
  • Correct images with activity, decay and scatter corrections
  • Fast automatic spatial registration of different modalities in the reconstruction engine
  • Manual or automatic motion correction for both planar and SPECT images
  • Manual or automatic reorientation of cardiac studies
  • Resample images to different pixel size

Data visualization

  • Polar map (bull’s eye) display for myocardial studies
  • 3D visualization of cardiac images including wall motion
  • Display condensed images to detect motion in dynamic planar images
  • Detect motion artefacts on SPECT projections with sinogram or linogram
  • Visualize important parameters of dynamic studies with parametric images
  • Time-activity curves, including marker tools (defining an interval) for curve fitting and parameter calculation.
  • Display image statistics on histograms or profile views.

Export results and reporting

  • Mark points or regions of interest with rulers or markers
  • Choose report contents from various result pages
  • Create different report templates for each procedure
  • Customize report structure and content to best fit the institution needs
  • Integrate reports of third-party software to InterView reports
  • Burn results to CD together with InterViewTM FUSION Lite that provides an extended toolset for image review
  • Export results not only in DICOM but PNG, JPEG, AVI, PDF and CSV formats.

Third-party software integration

Extend the functionality of InterView XP with third-party software, including:

  • Invia’s Corridor 4DM SPECT and PET molecular imaging packages
  • Cedars-Sinai QGS, QPS, and QBS packages
  • Emory Cardiac Toolbox SPECT and PET packages
  • NeuroQ brain imaging analysis software with optional normal databases.


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