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High throughput triple detector SPECT camera for wide range of clinical applications

Starting camera for your advanced research & clinical environment. AnyScan® TRIO SPECT offers new dimensions in SPECT imaging with the applied extra detector and novel collimators. Three detector design turns against the conventional dual head SPECT configuration, to reach 50% higher sensitivity, perfect SPECT resolution and excellent image quality. This unique triple head approach allows us to collect all of the detailed information by applying a reduced acquisition time. In your routine clinical environment, the camera offers faster imaging while also new applications for both dedicated and everyday procedures.
Next to the all-around NM applications, the system may be upgraded with CT and PET modality onsite.

Cechy i zalety

High Throughput SPECT scanning

  • The third detector and redesigned LEHR-HS collimator saves time for clinicians while maintaining the image quality
  • Optimized continuous workflow by automated reconstruction protocol support
  • 20-min Whole Body SPECT scan
  • 4-min Myocardial examination

Unique SPECT multipinhole imaging in clinical practice

  • Special multipinhole technique applied for clinical life, next to the parallel hole collimation
  • Dedicated fields for neurology, cardiology and other organ specific imaging
  • The implemented multipinhole collimation technology makes possible to achieve extremely high image resolution and sensitivity
  • Patented Multi-PinHole aperture design is supplemented by a special reconstruction method
  • Thanks to the ultra-high sensitivity feature, tracers with low contrast would be also detectable

PET-like visual performance

  • PET-like visual quality has become reality by applying SPECT Multi-PinHole technology
  • 3 mm system resolution during Brain scans.
  • Xtreme Edition detectors, MPH Brain apertures and special Tera-Tomo 3D SPECT MPH-Q reconstruction package ensures more clinical confidence
  • Cost-efficient SPECT workflow while achieving PET image quality


  • Total body SPECT at extreme fast scan time, meaning instead of conventional 2D WB imaging, we can achieve 3D WB SPECT scan during similar acquisition time
  • Alternating acquisition scan option. Detector head collect data in clockwise and counter-clockwise mode as well.
  • Continuous gantry rotation makes the examination faster.
  • Automatic stitching of acquired images.

LEHR-HS collimator

  • Highest sensitivity rate within the high resolution collimators on the clinical NM market.
  • User can achieve same image quality at a faster scanning rate.
  • Same resolution but higher sensitivity compared to standard LEHR
  • Fast 360° SPECT data collection with continuous rotation



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