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Mediso Preclinical Reference Laboratory in Australia


In the course of the cooperation between ANSTO (Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organization) and Mediso, a preclinical reference center opened in Australia, Sidney. 

Lucas Heights, Australia – 17/05/2021 – Mediso and its Australian affiliate company, Mediso Pacific have officially confirmed their breakthrough scientific cooperation with ANSTO that opens new horizons in preclinical research. The official opening ceremony of Mediso’s reference laboratory at ANSTO, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organization marks the installation of the newly acquired nanoScan® PET/CT and SPECT/CT preclinical molecular imaging systems. 

The official opening event was attended by H.E. Dr István Mikola, Ambassador and Bence Ruff, Trade Commissioner from the Embassy of Hungary, Canberra, Simone Richter, Group Executive Nuclear Science and Technology and Landmark Infrastructure as well as Dr Anton Mechtler and Mr George Ferenczi from Mediso Pacific.

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