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InterView™ FUSION processing software

Multimodality image processing

InterView™ FUSION is a multi-modal visualization and evaluation software. Developed by Mediso, built on state-of-the-art technologies, it comprises novel image processing algorithms and tools for evaluating different medical imaging modalities. Multi-modal registration and fusion of SPECT, PET, CT and MRI studies is a core functionality of InterView™ FUSION. Evaluation can be performed with the help of several specialized viewers and automated algorithms.

Statistical measurements by ROIs, VOIs are available, as well as SUV representation for PET and even SPECT images. A wide range of function-specialized tools provide a well-detailed, fast, and easy evaluation of medical images, combined with advanced visualizations and interactions with flexible workspaces. Special segmentation methods provide quick and easy extraction of organs/regions from images. Basic arithmetic operations as well as spatial and frequency-domain filters are also available.

Features & Benefits

All-in-one solution for nuclear medicine

  • Vendor-neutral postprocessing software for planar, SPECT and multimodal systems
  • Full DICOM conformance, IHE implementation
  • Seamless integration to any hospital information system
  • Stand-alone, server, or virtualized server variant
  • CE and FDA approved

Advanced Image Visualization

  • Workspaces act like virtual screens organized on separate tabs
  • User-defined layouts of workspaces, create your own views
  • Layouts specialized for representing standalone modalities, multi-modal fusion, follow-up study pairs, and general comparisons
  • Single / dual / triple / quadruple fusion of multi-modal static and dynamic images
  • Cine display of 2D and 3D images in synchronized viewers.


  • Various general purpose 2D and 3D segmentation tools
  • Advanced segmentation tools for specialized applications
  • Beyond general statistics, possibility to evaluate textural heterogeneity
  • ROI / VOI arithmetic operations and Excel-like calculation of statistics
  • Storing ROIs/VOIs on the DICOM server next to the study.

Advanced Data visualization

  • Data presentation from static images
  • Time-activity curves of ROIs/VOIs derived from dynamic series
  • Calculation of parametric images from dynamic series
  • Profile curve along a straight line, parametrized by the user
  • Histograms (intensity distributions) of images and ROI/VOI data
  • Tabular display of ROI/VOI statistics.

Image manipulation

  • Modify a volume by cropping or removing regions of the image
  • Resample images to larger or smaller pixels/voxels
  • Merge time frames of a dynamic series
  • Merge multi-FOV images to a single SPECT volume
  • Create artificial planar images from whole-body SPECT
  • Automatic removal of the table, vendor-independent.

Image processing

  • Predefined or user-defined colour palettes
  • Arithmetic operations on images of any modality, size, and resolution
  • Fast 2D and 3D filters in both spatial and frequency domain
  • Reorientation of single- or multi-modality images
  • Modality-independent, automated or manual, rigid, affine, and non-linear image registration

Export results and reporting

  • Mark points and regions of interest, and recall them any time
  • Finalize image captures on report pages with the live reporting system
  • Customize report structure and content to best fit the institution needs
  • Burn results to CD together with InterView™ FUSION Lite that provides an extended toolset for image review
  • Export results not only in DICOM but PNG, JPEG, AVI, PDF, and CSV formats.



Processing Server Workstation
Stand-alone Processing Workstation
Operating System (OS)
Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition
Intel® Xeon® Processor family, optional high-end multi-thread, multi-core processor for better performance
Display GPU
NVIDIA high quality display GPU
Recon GPU
NVIDIA optional high-end multi-GPU for fast image processing & reconstruction
Fast and reliable ECC RAM, optionally scaled
480 Gb SSD for OS
6 TB hard disk drive with RAID for safe archiving, optional up to 14 TB
Dual 24” high resolution (1920x1200) LCD monitor, optional 27’’ or DICOM monitor
Operating System (OS)
Windows 10 64-bit Pro
Intel® Core™ Processor Family with integrated graphics
Recon GPU
NVIDIA optional high-end multi-GPU for fast image post processing & reconstruction
Fast and reliable ECC RAM, optionally scaled
280 GB SSD for OS
4 TB hard disk drive
Dual 24” high resolution (1920x1200) LCD monitor, optional 27’’ or DICOM monitor

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