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Mediso USA is celebrating Ahmed's work anniversary


Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for being such a great team member !

Without any further words here is what our collegues say about Ahmed:

  • " Ahmed is an embodiment of kindness, gentleness and humbleness - a favorite among colleagues and users equally! Thank you so much for joining the Team, looking forward to working with you many more years ahead!"
  • "Ali has become a stalwart addition to the Mediso USA team as imaging engineer under the guidance of Sandor and Peter. He has quite rapidly embraced the intricate software and hardware technologies of Mediso’s Preclinical modalities, which has lead to exemplary performance in the field coupled with highly praised customer relations. He performs as a model field engineer, who takes great pride in his top notch performance."
  • "It is truly a pleasure to have someone like Ahmed as a fellow coworker. He is a very knowledgeable and thorough engineer who always goes the extra mile. What a joy it has been making the acquaintance of such a kind and amazing person."
  • "Congratulations Ali Ahmed on your two years anniversary with Mediso USA! It has been very rewarding to work with you in terms of learning professional excellence, exceptional demeanors, hard work and in general what it means to be good engineer! Look forward to continuing to work with you."
  • "Ahmed is is a warm hearted, determind and enthusiastic person. It is very uplifting having him in our team."
  • "I am very grateful to be able to work with him every day, and I`m immensely impressed with his ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to changing situations. Keep up with this excellent work!"

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