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Press release on POLIS project 2014 documentation


20. November, 2014.

Today the imaging market is dominated by mobile applications (mobile smart-phones, laptops and tablets) and by digital still cameras. Innovation in photonic sensor technologies, particularly those with on-board intelligence, has triggered an array of new products for things like proximity sensing, optical navigation and various human-machine interfaces based on optical systems. Accessible markets in these domains, totalling $692M in 2012, are expected to exceed $2.4B by 2017 through 20% continuous growth. To be a leading player in these emerging photonics markets, Europe needs to invest in its innovation strengths in nano-electronics for the deployment of differentiating products in diverse fields.
POLIS project focuses on the following core objectives:

  • To push back the frontiers of the existing Imaging Market by devising new products, exploiting existing or new technologies, improving manufacturing and testing tools,
  • To explore new opportunities for sensors and systems development in a wider spectral range (from gamma rays to Infrared), using innovative detection techniques (single photon avalanche diodes), materials or technologies (OLED-on-Silicon),
  • To significantly improve the state-of-the-art and performance of existing technologies and work on yield and production cost,
  • More specifically to implement at pilot line level specific technological modules to enable new products based on innovative technologies such as back-side-illuminated sensors, single photon avalanche diodes, silicon micro-bolometers, Time-of-Flight, OLED on silicon, through-silicon vias and 3D-stacking.

POLIS incorporates a unique consortium consisting of large corporations, SMEs, institutes and universities from all over Europe. POLIS Consortium gathers 21 partners from 7 countries. The Consortium is clearly industry-driven: 17 participants are industrial, while 4 are leading institutes or universities. A large place has been given to the end-users: 6 are embedded including 3 large groups and 3 SMEs from 5 different countries.

Administrative information:

Grant: ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU), Call 2013-2. (ENIAC_2013-2) / NEMZ_12 – National Call
Project Number: POLIS 621200; NEMZ_12-1-2014-0004
Funding of the Hungarian beneficiary: 98.026.287 HUF (68.618.398 HUF - KTIA Hungarian National fund, 29.407.889 HUF - ENIAC JU fund)
Name of the Hungarian beneficiary: MEDISO Medical Eguipment Developing and Service Ltd.
Project Manager: Dr. Gábor Németh
Financial Project Coordinator: Veronika Fellegi


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