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Nuclear Medicine

The software development of Mediso is based on the long time clinical experience in nuclear medicine and on the tremendous knowledge of SPECT, planar and whole body imaging accumulated during the past twenty years.
The InterView XP is a high-performance processing workstation that includes a wide array of clinical applications used for the evaluation and review of broad range of studies.
Organ-specific dedicated procedures for SPECT, planar, gated or dynamic images, cardiac SPECT, cardiac Stress/Rest evaluations: 201Tl stress-redistribution, 99Tcm Stress-Rest, etc., ECG gated blood-pool SPECT and perfusion SPECT, brain SPECT, brain stress/rest SPECT, quantitative brain region analysis, user configurable SPECT procedures, whole body studies, 3D views of reconstructed images, comprehensive planar processing package for the majority of organs are just some of the applications and features included on the InterView XP workstation. The workstation features an automatic workflow guiding an architecture that simplifies and enhances the ability of the operator to process clinical data while improving the productivity and patient throughput.
InterView CLEAR software and dedicated cardiac software like Cedars Sinai or Emory Cardiac Toolbox are available as accessories.

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