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Multimodality Imaging

Mediso multimodality imaging solutions provide right answers to the needs of hybrid imaging.
The InterViewTM FUSION workstation ergonomically integrates with all multimodality applications in Nuclear Medicine combining SPECT, PET, CT and MRI images.
Auto-registration algorithms, special segmentation methods, direct reading and recognition of different image modalities from DICOM files and wide range of function-specialized toolboxes are just a few samples of practical features providing comfort to the user.
The multimodality workstation is a natural ally for AnyScan multimodality molecular imaging systems.
Its large size dual monitor provides comfortably selectable multiple custom layouts with manually defined viewers for all applications.
InterViewTM FUSION is built on the philosophy of full flexibility enhancing the workflow of all levels of institutions ranging from private labs to academic sites hence it provides customizing the whole view by the user.
Saving and sharing the custom view templates is a basic feature of InterViewTM FUSION. Any time when recoveries of predefined views for particular evaluations are needed, or sharing them on other InterViewTM FUSION workstations are necessary the feature is fully supported.
For special and dedicated tasks large number of diagnostic software options and modules are available.

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