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Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize - NanoPET/CT 2010

The innovation entitled “NanoPET/CTTM in vivo small animal testing system”
XIX. Innovation Grand Prize application


Special field: Medical equipment manufacturing

Executing organization:

MEDISO Orvosi Berendezés Fejlesztő és Szervíz Kft.
(MEDISO Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd.)
1022 Budapest, Alsótörökvész u. 14.
Tel: +36 (1) 399-3030

Brief description:
The subject of the innovation is an in vivo molecular imaging system, the NanoPET/CTTM, which is suitable to test laboratory test animals and unifies functional (PET) and anatomical (CT) imaging procedures. The equipment, a world-class product in this field, is the achievement of wide-ranging, coordinated interdisciplinary development work (a product designed by physicians, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers + software development). An integrated device with dual modality, the functional imaging is directly followed by morphological imaging, which greatly simplifies the tests, the fusion of the reconstructed images (projection onto each other) and the evaluation and increases the accuracy of the diagnosis. The world’s first commercially available PET/CT device with which the distribution of radiopharmacons can be examined in a tenth of millimetre range and the morphological abnormalities in a 10 micrometer range. In fact, the NanoPET/CT is a two-member device family; the first member, the NanoX-CTTM is an independent CT device and the second member is the NanoPET.
The devices helps study the diseases, to find the specific marking substances, the so-called probes that characterize the process (research for new pharmacons), while the efficiency of the new healing procedures and therapies can also be examined, especially during the research of neurodegenerative (Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases), cardiologic and oncological diseases. As the animals used in the experiments are not killed, the number of animals necessary for the tests can greatly be reduced and the tests can be performed during shorter time than in case of the prior method, so the process of the research becomes more effective: faster and cheaper.
The device has been developed by Mediso Ltd. independently. The company used and improved the results of extensive prior cooperation during this development. The device is manufactured by the company. Besides Hungary, Germany and Poland it is distributed worldwide by the American Bioscan Inc. and by Philips Healthcare.

The results of the innovation

  • Mediso Ltd. entered a new market segment of the world market where the NanoPET/CTTM is the device with the best imaging parameters from among the commercially available systems.
  • Mediso Ltd. has earned considerable incomes from the sales connected to this project in 2010.
  • The company has been using the indirect results of the developments in the serial production of human diagnostic products since 2011, greatly improving the standard of diagnostic patient care.


  • Thirteen installed devices in leading research institutions (EU, USA, Korea).
  • Reference installation for Chinoin, Hungary.
  • Scientific publications about the research on the device (Nature Genetics, European J Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, J Nuclear Medicine).
  • Presentations on international conferences, scientific posters, press news, exhibitions (WMIC, Japan and Canada; SNM, USA; EANM, Spain, Austria; IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, USA).
  • International licences and certificates.


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