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Grand Prize for Mediso March 30, 2006

Fifty four applicants for the prize of innovation


In the picture: Katalin Szili and István Bagaméry, Managing Director of Mediso Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd. after Mr. Bagaméry has taken over the Hungarian Grand Prize 2006 in the ceremony held in the Parliament’s upper house hall. Mr. Péter Závodszky, president of the Hungarian Innovation Foundation on the right-hand side

The Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize 2006 honours have been awarded in the Parliament yesterday. The News Agency reported that Mediso Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd., headquartered in Budapest, received the grand prize for the innovation entitled NanoSpect/CT in vivo small animal testing system which allows the users to produce top quality images of the body’s biological operation. 54 works were submitted to the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize competition by the closing date, 13 February 2007, which were then presented by the organising committee to the jury. During the evaluation, among others, originality, novelty and innovation, the extra results achieved by the applicant owing to the innovation in 2006 and the social usefulness were examined. In the last phase the fourteen innovations deemed to be the best and most successful ones were assessed.

In Hungary, despite the prior promises of the governing parties, the rate of research and development (R&D) investments recedes is behind the EU average. While in 2002 they managed to increase the rate of R&D investments compared to the gross domestic product (GDP) over one percent, this rate is under one percent recently. This is not only harmful for the domestic competitiveness, but also contradicts the principles of the European Union, especially if we consider the so-called Lisbon Plan, accepted in 2002 by the community, which aims to significantly increase the funds spent on research and development. The Eurostat (the Union’s statistical office) data show that the countries of the European Union having 27 members spend almost two percent of their gross domestic product on research and development on average, while Hungary only its 0.94 percent.

source: Népszabadság, 2006.03.

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