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The Innovation prizes were awarded: Mediso won Grand Prize March 29, 2011 documentation

The Hungarian Innovation Prizes were awarded in the Parliament on Tuesday. This year 37 applications were received upon the invitation of the Hungarian Innovation Foundation, from which 36 applications met the requirements of the invitation – said György Matolcsy, Minister of National Economy in his evaluation speech. After thorough analysis, nine applications were selected among the best ones and then, with secret vote, the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize 2010 was awarded to the product of Mediso Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd. (Mediso Orvosi Berendezés Fejlesztő és Szerviz Kft.).

On the basis of the secret vote innovation prizes were given to eight further applications. The minister – inter alia – said that new innovation strategy is necessary and it will be presented to the government by the Ministry of National Economy by involving wide ranges of the profession, in the second half of this year.
The Grand Prize was handed over by Pál Schmitt, President of the Republic and György Matolcsy for the NanoPET/CTTM small animal testing system of Medical Equipment Developing and Servie Ltd. When handing over the prize, Pál Schmitt, evaluating the company in Hungarian ownership, manufacturing diagnostic devices, pointed out that the company’s market leading role is based upon continuous innovation. The head of state emphasized the exemplary approach of the winner of the Grand Prize, i.e. that they, based on their own developments, continuously have abided the competition with the international companies for years. When he accepted the prize, István Bagaméry, Managing Director of Mediso Ltd. said that this success is the result of the good team work and he presented his colleagues working at the development and production areas one by one. 
The minister and the representatives of the institutions offering the prizes gave other innovation prizes as well. Műszer Automatika Kft. was given the Industrial Innovation Prize of the Ministry of National Development for the implementation of its complex system electronic equipment securing railway-highway crossings. The Agrarian Innovation Prize of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Innovation Prize of Environmental Protection were given to Pharmatéka Bt. for its cost-saving, effective preparation developed for the prevention of the development of the dysentery among pigs.
The Innovation Prize of the National Office of Intellectual Property was given to Ferrobeton Zrt. for the development of the pre-cast reinforced concrete bridge baulk family.
The Innovation Prize of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Organizational Innovation Prize of the Industrial Development Public Foundation were given to the NI Hungary Software és Hardware Gyártó Kft. for the development of a portable one-man laboratory.
The representative of AsiaNet Hungary Kft. could take the Innovation Extra Prize of the Hungarian Innovation Association for the most successful, newly established innovative small enterprise of 2010 over for the development and manufacture of the “AS-T70 twin-shaft moved Solar Tracker”.
The following innovation performances received the examiners’ special recognition: Utilization of biogas for district heating purposes in Miskolc, which was realized by the Miskolci Hőszolgáltató (MIHŐ) Kft. and Moduxin MR 35 mg retard tablets – a new Hungarian pharmaceutical preparation, which is the product of the Richter Gedeon Vegyészeti Gyár.
Development of human meteorological service providing system for health protection (Meteo Clinics Programme) and for the environment-conscious living (Environmental Monitoring Program). It was realized by the ICI Interaktív Kommunikációs Zrt. in Budapest.

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